Amazon Affiliate Sales

Affiliate stores can give you extra income without having to have inventory and shipping charges that a typical business would have.  Amazon affiliate accounts are free to use and can increase in income depending on how you advertise your business.  The more unique your business is to you the easier it is to get listed in business searches and rank higher in Google categories.


Amazon stores provide a link directly to the purchase at Amazon so your websites does not have to have a Secure SSL and no personal information is exchanged.  It allows you to use the link, description text and photos to create a beautiful store with the WordPress theme of your choice that matches your brand.  Amazon sells a wide variety of items so your stores can be pretty much limitless.


Affiliate stores can also be mixed with other business products, so you can sell your products and Amazon products through your own Ecommerce store using free plugins like WooCommerce.  This can be great for first time business who want to generate income while they sell their own products.

A plug in that sells on Codecanyon called Woo Amazon plugin allows you to manage your links easier with this great importing tool.  It’s a great source for making your life easier and not having to import each image and descriptive text separately.