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A Backup and transfer of Wordpress

Back Up and Transfer

55.00 $

Create a complete back up and transfer ready for your site.

Back up database.

Back up Wordpress files

Create Import list.php file and

Install to Dropbox for your download and safe keeping.

Install new transfer onto a new Cpanel and domain

(Must have hosting, domain and Wordpress theme already purchased)

If you don’t need the transfer it will be stored in the dropbox folder for you to download it when your ready to use it.

Web Candy installs Demo Site and Theme to a Brand New Wordpress account

Install WordPress and Theme

45.00 $

Just need a little help?

Install a fresh new Wordpress theme to your Cpanel and point the domain to the correct url.

Install demo content

Put the Manual in dropbox for easy access

(Must have purchased hosting/domain already and the Theme)

Social Media Manager

Updating and Social Media Editing

50.00 $

This package does a little bit of everything.

Create a bi-weekly back up of the website

Update the website, theme Wordpress core files, and plugins Monthly

Post to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest weekly

Add and Change SEO on the website as well as Ping tons of urls saying your site has been updated

This is a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime