Contact Form 7 Hard to Work? Not anymore!

Crocoblock came up with a Free Contact Form 7 Tool that makes it easy to make contact forms. Generate markup for your Contact Form 7 layout Requires no coding skills to build any layout Drag and drop fields to create needed markup Set multiple columns for the form fields Make your contact form fully responsive


Free Shape Maker

Every graphic designer could use this. A free blob maker. It will load a desired shape and it will adjust some parameters to make the shape another shape till its the one you want. This free shape maker will also upload to svg files for backgrounds and layouts for your webdesign site. Go here and…


Reach more traffic if you don’t have a physical address

It’s hard to get the right kind of traffic flowing to your website without a physical address. Many virtual businesses are not readily available on the front page because of a Google Maps and organic listings. This great blog posts explains how to reach more traffic if your a virtual business and want to reach…


How to make Videos Unlisted in Vimeo or Youtube

When doing a squeeze page or a landing page sometimes you want to make videos that are not on your social media channels to be viewed only by the link setting you are using. This makes the video not shareable and more private. This also helps in search engines not indexing or sharing the video…


Are you a Designer Looking for Work?

Being a Wordpress Website Designer there are times of year when your either busy or looking for work.  Work seems to come in spurts, one minute your slammed and then the next your searching places like Up Work (that is where a majority of my clients come from). Getting creative comes in handy when you…


Themefuse 2016 SEO

SEO for the Modern Day

You’re no longer looking for the most appropriate keywords for your content, but starting with them and letting content roll around them to inspire users to perform the desired action. An important part of the task is to familiarize with the leading local competitors and coming up with your own variations from the main keyword…


Write for your blog?

Do you write your own blog? We’ve got a lot of things to say and we write them down. Then we edit the copy, and erase some stuff, add a few tidbits here and there. It all looks great and then we hit send. Opphs never fails, this was wrong, the text here or there…


Tired of Getting Spam?

You’ve got a great website, but do you still get spam that you don’t want to see through your inbox? Spam hurts everyone and takes time out of your busy schedule to delete the stuff.  But wait; my website company insured me they installed all the special plugins to collect spam so this doesn’t happen,…


Shipping Options with Woocommerce

Woocommerce Shipping Explained

There are plenty of ways to avoid losing your shoppers over a mere shipping setting, though. Plenty of add-ons and extensions are available that can help you expand your store’s shipping options, and they go far beyond simply adding another carrier or switching to flat fees. With the right extensions, you can charge more accurately, split…


Local SEO Bemidji Minnesota

Working with websites is fun and exciting, there are several layers of making a website. Part of the designing a websites is adding SEO. Local SEO Bemidji Minnesota is something we would like to increase traffic to our website from. Web Candy Websites adds basic SEO to your website to increase your visibility and local…


Website Coaching

Were here for business coaching as a new service for Web Candy.  Were available hourly at your convenience. Small Businesses can save money by doing a website yourself. If you are already there and you just feel like.. I’m doing great, but


Screen Leap Screen Sharing Program FREE

Screen Sharing – Free Screen Leap

View from any PC, tablet, or smartphone with a web browser. No software to download or install. Allow people to see your computer screens without needing to set up an account. I use Screen Leap for free screen sharing for an hour at a time when I’m website coaching in WordPress.  Screen Leap is a…


Free Tooltip Bar

  What kind of website do you run? Is it a portfolio website that shows mostly works of art? Maybe it lists several products, or do you have a virtual website that sells services, like coaching? The header of your website is a crucial piece of real estate for your customers. It is an important…


Need a Great Form to use on your website?

Having a website that all of the bells and whistles in it is important to you and your customer. is a perfect tool for forms, survey’s and general questionnaires. Jotform creates free forms up to 100 submissions a month and doesn’t require a contract. The counter resets every month so if your about to…


Stream into Facebook your Live Webinar free App

Stream Live Webinar on Facebook App

Stream Live for FREE on Your Facebook Page! Ustream’s Facebook application enables you to stream live from your Facebook Page to all of your fans and friends. Engage your audience on Facebook easily with our self-serve installation. Grow and engage your Facebook community with live video today! Ustream is a Facebook App that syncs your…


Build a little business better

Online Fundraising Websites that Work!

Personal Online Fundraising Websites that Work!. Looking for ways to increase social media exposure? If you are trying to spread the word about “you” and are looking for a great avenue this is it. Donating to a cause creates PR and brownie points for your business. This free online tool gives you the opportunity to…


issu pdf flipbook app free

Issuu – Publications PDF Flipbook

Issuu – Publications is a PDF flipbook. It’s free to sign up. WordPress has a plug in for this great magazine style flip book built right into your website. If you go to your plugins page do a search for Issuu PDF Sync  And download it and then sign up for your free key. Display…


re tweet what you say so others can share Twitter app

Click to Tweet App for your Business

Do you run an newsletter or weekly email blog?  This app is for you. What is the difference in a sharing button vs. a Click to tweet? The difference in this app from a share button is your letting the customer say “your tweet” on their twitter account.  A share button copies the link from…


Press This – The Orginal way to Post on your Blog

Press This is  WordPress Plug – The Original way to capture information before Pinterest and Buffer App and hootsuite was invented. This plug in makes it easier when running your own Blog to get content and creating deep links on your wordpress website.  Press This makes it easy to grab information from a website similar…